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What to expect on Sundays

Come as you are

Here at Trinity, you are welcome to come as you are. That means if coming to church means dressing in your Sunday best, or it means that you just rolled out of bed from an exhausting week, there is a place for you here. That means if things are going great, or things are going not so great, there is a place for you here. That means if the world is weighing you down, or if you feel on top of the world, there is a place for you here. That means that even if you think God has it out for you, there is definitely a place for you here! That means if the world says you are less-than or marginalized or oppressed, there is a place for you here. God is love and grace and mercy, and is for you no matter what!

Worship is at 9:30 am and is usually about an hour long. Please follow any safety guidelines that may be in place, such as mask-wearing, and "compassionate" distancing out of love and concern for our neighbors.

We would love to see you for in-person worship at church, but we do ask that you come in-person ONLY if you are not experiencing any signs of illness (because love and concern for our neighbors also means not spreading illness).

If you aren't here in-person, you can be a part of worship online on our YouTube channel.

During worship, we lift up those times we fall short of God's intent for our lives in confession, and we receive forgiveness at the same time. We lift up our voices in songs of joy and songs of lament. We listen for God's word for our lives through scripture readings and Pastor's sermon. We confess our faith in a God who loves us so much God gave God's only son so that we are never separated from that love. We offer our gifts of money to help continue sharing God's message with the world through word and action, whether that's here at Trinity, around the corner, or around the world, through feeding people spiritually and physically. We remember and celebrate the gift of Christ through Holy Communion. We pray for those in need. And we are sent back out into the world: forgiven, fed in mind, body and spirit, and empowered to live and share the Good News through our day-to-day lives!

What to expect on Sunday: Our Mission
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