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We are Trinity Lutheran Church of South Newstead. We invite you to look around our site for information. We also invite you to join us at one of our services or upcoming events. We welcome you with a smile, handshake and the sharing of the grace that the Lord has given unto us. Find out more about our church.

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O LORD my God, I cried out to you, and you restore me to health.
Psalm 30:2

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Sunday Worship 9:30 am
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Youth Students: 8:30 am

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Monday 1-4 pm, Wednesday 11-1 pm
Other times by Appointment

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(716) 542-9828
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Pastor Adam
Pastor's Phone: (402) 613-0335
Pastor's Email: pastoradamms@gmail.com

Email: trinlc@rochester.rr.com

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Join us Sundays at 9:30 am

Don't miss out on this years annual chowder sale and basket raffle!! Pack a container (or two) and the family and head over to Trinity on S. Newstead at noon to get your chowder!! Think you can't finish the chowder? That's okay, it freezes well and is a nice warm meal for cool days to come!
October 5th at NOON

Anyone can join this special window replacement project.  Expense forms are located in the narthex, choose to memorialize or honor your loved ones with your donation.  See Pastor if you have any questions.


 Trinity is taking on a new challenge.  For several years now Trinity has supported Grace Ministries in Ile A Vache, Haiti. In 2018 we plan to continue that support in a new and exciting way.  We will pledge 3000$to cover the cost of a Pastor and Music leader, of Grace ministries churches, toward their mission work in Haiti.  3000$can go a long way in Haiti. Stay tuned for more details but please plan to support Haiti in the Year to come!

One of a kind ornaments celebrating the 500th Reformation and the merge of St. John's and Trinity Lutheran Churches are on sale and available for pick-up.  These will make beautiful family keepsake gifts, get yours today!  Order yours next Sunday after Worship or call Trinity's office to place your order.  $15.00 each


Pies In The Park
Stop bye and get some delicious pie and other sweets while the Akron Community Band plays in Russell Park in the Village of Akron.
Friday, August 9th, 8pm
rain place Akron Central School

Trinity Annual Spaghetti Supper & Basket Raffle
Thank you to everyone that joined us on April 13th for all you can eat spaghetti with meat sauce, tossed salad, french bread & desserts as well as our basket raffle.  You really made our event perfect!
Temple Talk
Join us Sunday, February 10th, as we have a temple talk with representative Eugene of Hearts and Hands.  He will share information about their organization and it's impact on our community.



Christmas flowers to honor or memorialize your loved ones are being collected.  The flowers you purchase will adorn the Church Sanctuary during Christmas Worship and can be picked up after Christmas Worship. CLICK HERE FOR ORDER FORM Orders are due on or before November 18th, 2018.

Any questions please see Laura Pingitore or call the Church office.


The Trinity Tillers meet every Saturday from 10-2pm  All are invited and welcome.  Join us as we enjoy and learn about God's gift of crafts, nature, and growing plants!!


Thank you to everyone that donated to help make this celebration a huge success!

Annual Trinity Chowder, Hand Sewn Item Sale & Basket Raffle

Thank you to everyone that stopped by Trinity to buy some delicious chowder, hand sewn items by the Crittenden Quilters or try your luck at the Basket Raffle!
We hope to see you next year!!

Clothing Drive!
Thank you to everyone that stopped by in September and donated to help
support our youth group!!!
Even though this clothing drive is over the shed is always here if you would like to donate your gently used clothing and shoes to someone in need!


Worship In The Park
Thank you to everyone that joined us in Russell Park, Village of Akron, NY on August 26th.  Everyone enjoyed the Word of God in the peaceful park setting followed by a tasty pot-luck.

On August 3rd Trinity Members sold pies and other sweet treats in Russell Park, in the Village of Akron, while purchasers were able to listen to the beautiful melodies of the Akron Community Band! Thank you to all that supported this new community outreach!

Trinity, once again, participated in the Akron Chamber of Commerce Sidewalk Sale held on 
Saturday, June 16, 2018.  Profits made from this years the sale of our “Buck a Box” totaled $289.00 and will go into the General Church Funds and used at the discretion of the Church Counsel.
Thank you to everyone that donated items, wrapped the gift boxes, and "manned the stand".  Trinity Church Council, Donna Kumpf and Sue Kidder


For this 2018 Lenten Season the Sunday School collected travel sized toiletries for some blind individuals in the Western New York area…..  WE ARE BLESSED TO HAVE OUR SIGHT!

The toiletries (deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, etc.) will be collected and given to an  organization called the Christian Guild for the Blind (CGB)!....formerly known as the Catholic Guild for the Blind.  The name was changed so that volunteers who are not Catholic can be on the Board of Directors.  A super step towards unity of all Christian denominations!! 

A LITTLE INFORMATION ABOUT THE CGB:  The Organization has been in existence for more than 50 years!  A paid Director and a fantastic group of volunteers (approximately 10) plan, set up, and organize approximately 4 – 6 events a year for individuals who are legally blind.  They also drive the clients to and from the events.  The total number of clients varies, depending on the event, but there are approximately 25-50 participants at an event.  Over the years the events have been:  Many “church” services, including communion and confession (which is important to a lot of them who can’t get out for a regular church service); trips to Ft. Erie Racetrack, Bison Baseball games, dances, and bingo games.  For some of the clients these outings are the highlights of their year and sometimes, the only time they get out of their homes!  Many don’t have much family and they plan, for weeks, on what they will wear, who they would like to sit with, who will they be “seeing” (a term they all use!) and what little goodie they may get to take home!  The clients are always excited about that! 

Now that, hopefully, you feel a need to help……

Please consider purchasing some toiletries to be given to these blind individuals through the CGB Organization!

The reason for requesting “Travel Size” is to help the clients distinguish what they are trying to use!  Remember, these people are blind!  It is easy for a blind individual to mistake a tube of hand cream for toothpaste, etc.  Just think about it!


Trinity's Adopt a Flowerbed
Thank you to all the congregation members that adopted the Church flowerbeds in 2017 and have agreed to maintain the same flowerbeds this year!!

Trinity's Adopt A Highway Event
Thank you to all that joined this event.  There were 13 hearty souls that worked through the rain and cleaned up roadside debris.

Lutheran Charities BeCAUSE Event
 Thank you to everyone that came out to the Tavern at Windsor Park on 4/22 to help raise money for Lutheran Charites of WNY

Thank you to everyone that joined, donated, volunteered and made our annual Spaghetti Supper & Basket Raffle a great event!

Easter Flowers
Easter Flowers, to adorn the Church Sanctuary, were sold and will be on display for Easter Sunday.

Family Fun Board Games & Pot Luck
Thank you to everyone that joined our Family Fun Event all enjoyed some good family fun, playing board games, and enjoyed a delicious pot luck after Worship in the Fellowship hall.

Mount Olive Cemetery Association Annual Meeting
On Sunday, March 4th the Mount Olive Cemetery Association met with those interested in the cemetery.  Thank you for those that joined this meeting.  If you have questions please see David Hofmeier

 Thank you to everyone that came to the dedication and recital on February 24th, Saturday.  The theme was unity and all enjoyed the musical talents of the congregation and guests.  Thank you to everyone that made this dedication a very memorable event!

 Thank you to those that joined us on Sunday, February 4th for our Annual Souper Bowl and Optimism Sunday!  Each year it is custom for Trinity to have two kettles placed in the narthex representing the two teams playing in the Super Bowl.  The congregation is asked to place a gift in the kettle of the team they believe will be the winning team.  This year Trinity is back on track to picking the winners!  This year's collection raised $203 that will be sent to the City Mission of Buffalo.  It is felt that this offering might help to continue their mission of feeding the hungry, giving shelter to the homeless, and offering warmth to those out in the cold.
As part of this day we are thankful for the good things God has brought to us and are optimistic that He will continue to shower us with goodness.  Even though the Buffalo Bills aren't playing in this years Super Bowl we can also be optimistic for the team when they play again later this year!

Thank you to the Sunday school students, teachers and musicians for the wonderful Sunday school  program entitled, “We Are Not Too Old to Learn”, presented during the January 7, 2018 Worship service.  It is a story of how a few young carolers can teach an old Scrooge type man about Christmas through song and scripture.  The congregation enjoyed the musical talents of Sunday school students that played their instruments adding to the program.  Special thank you to David Hofmeier that created this program.  All were delighted to celebrate the birth of our Savior, with goodies for everyone and gifts for the students after the program.

The Trinity Sunday school students collected over 40 pairs of pajamas, in all sizes, Roswell Park!!

                             2nd Annual Thanksgiving Pie Sale                             
Thank you to all that donated items, time and baked pies for this Second Annual Thanksgiving Pie Sale Event!! We look forward to sharing delicious home-made pies again next year so you can enjoy a little more time with your family and friends.  Many blessings to everyone this holiday season!
Sunday, November 12th, was the Ladies Thankoffering Service, a time when we bring in our offerings to give thanks to God for all the gifts he has given us, especially over the past year. Thank you to everyone that joined this service, assisted and shared their offerings of thanks.  The offerings collected will be gifted towards the work of the Women of the ELCA.  "God is so good, He is so good to me."

Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church of South Newstead

A congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Upstate New York Synod.

Pastor Jamie Retallack

  We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Facilities are wheelchair accessible.