The Prayer Concerns of Trinity Lutheran Church

"Hear my prayer, O God; listen to the words of my mouth."
 - Psalm 54:2

Prayers for the families and friends of those that have gone Home:

Barb King
David Beaky
Frances Springer
Rev. James Ziegenfus
Tom Vogal

Prayer Requests:

Thanksgiving for a healthy baby girl born to Zachary & Wendy (Kumpf) Schermerhorn

Bill Kissell, healing of a broken leg

Miranda Hammer, quidance as she begins her next phase of becoming a pastor

Beth Aylsworth, stage 4 cancer

Marion Bruning, rehab

Bill Lawrie, vien surgery

Melissa DiGuiseppe, testing and healing

Neal McPartlin, cancer

Alan "Butchie" Nice, cancer

Tom Pouthier, health issues

All that are lonely

All who mourn

Pray for all that 
suffer from mental health problems and their families.

For those facing struggles that we may not know about

Pray for all that are struggling, ill, or in need.

Everyone traveling
Prayer Concerns

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