A message from the Pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church

Our congregation is currently led by Pastor Adam. If you have any questions or would appreciate his insight into a current situation, passage or a suggestion for a message, please email him here.
“I tell you, whoever publicly acknowledges me before others, the Son of Man will also acknowledge before the angels of God.Luke 12:8
A Message from Pastor Jamie

The world has changed a lot since Trinity was founded over 140 years ago.  Technology, culture, science and life in general has transformed drastically over that time.  Consistent throughout that timespan and to this day is Trinity's service and presence in Western New York.  As the world has changed so to has the way in which the Church relates to the people it serves.  
        The Apostle Paul once wrote that he had, in his ministry,  done his best to meet people on their level and from their perspective.  His message about who God was and where God was active in their life was tailored to their cultural perspective and experience.  As the world around us changes we keep these words of Paul in mind seeking to serve the people and to reach out to them from a place of understanding and appreciation.  
          I welcome you to Trinity, to our continued service and to the love we share in Christ Jesus.


Pastor Jamie